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I have no frame of reference from which to evaluate Reid’s legal expertise, although based on what I do know about him would suggest he is at the top of his profession. The most enthusiastic recommendation I can make about Reid is that I can say that he has a heart that looks beyond the technical and seeks out and draws in the person. Few attorneys I have ever known have this gift, and none have it to the extent that Reid does. He may not have the solution to a particular legal issue, but I would go to him first. He is a genuine, warm, and sensitive person first, and a fully-qualified and technically professional attorney second.


Several years ago, my former husband filed for divorce and I turned to Reid for legal guidance. He asked who my attorney was and I responded I didn’t have one, whereupon he replied that he could not let me walk into a courtroom alone and immediately stepped into the role.

I found myself in marvelous hands. I was heard, I was counseled, and I was respected. I was supported at every turn in what became a lengthy and complicated situation. Reid, a highly respected member of the legal community, consistently articulated and argued my side, and I was very nearly always granted my requests.

Again, just a few months ago, Reid looked after my son’s and my needs. During a conversation, I mentioned I had received my final child support check as my son had turned 18. His father had faithfully paid the support, but it had drawn to an end.

Without my asking and within days, Reid e-mailed me the statute relevant to the situation and explained that child support is to extend through a child’s senior year. I talked to my son’s father and he kindly resumed payments.

I have known Reid for many years, and I know him to be a man of integrity, a man of excellence, and a man of kindness. He is an exceptional attorney and has in the past served as a judge pro tem in the Third District Court (?), which post he resigned when he was called to serve as a bishop in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I have recommended Reid to others over the years, and I highly recommend him to you. If you choose him as your legal counsel, you will have chosen well.


Dear Reid –

It is a pleasure for me to write a review regarding your handling of the divorce for my son Joseph.

There are many difficult things about divorce. However, because of your excellent counsel, understanding, and insight, my son was able to come to a reasonable, fair arrangement in record time.

I would recommend Reid Tateoka to anyone who desires to understand the complications of the divorce law that apply to their case, and still feel good about the final settlement. Reid is able to help his client know the law and therefore be able to make the proper decisions regarding his spouse.

Our entire family is grateful to Reid for his timely, compassionate, and skillful service.

Ellis R. Ivory