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Real Estate Legal Services

McKay, Burton & Thurman, P.C. Attorneys At Law offers a full array of services related to commercial and residential real estate. Our law practice encompasses all aspects of real property law, including acquisition, financing, planning, annexation, permitting, leasing and foreclosure.

Facilitating Transactions, Resolving Disputes, Tackling Title Issues

Specifically, our attorneys are experienced in handling purchase and sale transactions, leases and real estate development. We resolve boundary disputes, title issues and mechanic’s liens.

Our real estate litigation practice includes in-court and out-of-court resolution of landlord-tenant disputes, representing residential and commercial landlords and tenants.

Advising Developers, Homeowners Associations And Individuals

Our firm is available to address legal matters affecting developers, homeowners and homeowners’ associations. We draft contracts, broker settlement agreements and represent clients in litigation as needed.

We help homeowners’ associations create, review, amend and enforce bylaws. We also represent homeowners whose rights have been challenged.

On Any Side Of An Issue, We Are Prepared To Act

With roots in the Salt Lake City area dating to 1935, we have built a strong reputation in all aspects of real estate and construction law. We represent buyers and sellers, landlords and tenant, plaintiffs and defendants. Our knowledge of all sides of an issue means we are ready to advise and represent anyone or any organization without hesitation.

Schedule A Consultation With A Utah Lawyer Regarding Your Real Estate Concerns

Our attorneys are ready to advise you now. If there are problems to solve, we are eager to work in partnership with you, the affected party, to discover and implement appropriate legal remedies. Call 801-521-4135 or send an email inquiry through this website for a prompt response.