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In Need Of Legal Assistance Enforcing Collections?

Collecting on late accounts is a fact of life for virtually all businesses. Billing past-due account holders repeatedly, sending letters and making collection phone calls may be successful. However, sometimes usual business collection practices do not finish the job.

Meanwhile, past-due accounts threaten the financial strength of a business. Without the expected capital in the bank, cash-flow problems can cripple operations and growth plans. Deficits are particularly problematic when past due accounts are sizable or when debtors are unresponsive or hard to locate. Debt recovery assistance becomes vital in such cases. We recommend working with a law firm rather than a debt collection agency that may lack access to all available remedies.

The Power Of Our Experience And Reputation

Businesses throughout Utah turn to McKay, Burton & Thurman for legal help when calling customers, clients, tenants and   business partners

who do not make good on debt obligations. Our attorneys are committed to obtaining results for our business clients who rely on our skills. We regularly take on challenging cases including collections from international parties to contracts, parties approaching bankruptcy and parties who have gone out of business or gone missing.

Our firm’s roots in Salt Lake City date to1935. With years of experience in business law in the area, we have developed a vast array of strategies and tools we put to use for clients in need of collections representation. Repayment agreements are effective in many cases when debtors see that our law firm has become involved.

Salt Lake City Businesses Looking For Collections Attorneys: We Have A Track Record Of Success

If your debt collection efforts have failed to recover outstanding debts, we are prepared to enforce your rights through garnishments and other effective legal tools. We may obtain mechanic’s liens as needed. We may achieve repossession of property if appropriate. These are examples of the legal actions we are ready to take on your behalf. Call 801-521-4135 or email us to schedule a consultation with a collections lawyer.