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McKay, Burton & Thurman stands on the reputation built through more than 80 years of service to the Utah business community. Our business law practice encompasses the following areas and various other related legal issues:

Defense of Employers in Employment Law Matters: Laws and regulations designed to protect employees are often used as platforms for legal challenges against businesses. Not all employment lawsuits are well-founded. Businesses need top-notch defense in the face of individual and class action lawsuits alleging discrimination, wage and hour rule violations, workplace safety violations and unlawful termination. McKay, Burton & Thurman stands with businesses in need of reasonable resolutions to employment law challenges.

Formation and Planning of Businesses; business-related transactions such as mergers and acquisitions: Our business formation attorneys help entrepreneurs and business owners start, expand and reorganize business ventures. Contact us for help devising business operation agreements, buy-sell transactions and more.

Advice and Representation for Franchisors and Franchisees: Whether you own a franchise or wish to enter into a franchise agreement from either side of the transaction, McKay, Burton & Thurman, has the knowledge of franchise systems and agreements and the experience you seek. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness and how to ensure protection of your rights and best interests.

Collecting on past-due accounts: Collection of accounts receivable is a vital part of maintaining the financial integrity of any business. Profitability is a foundation upon which every business operates and grows. McKay, Burton & Thurman understands collections and will seek to ensure your accounts are collected.

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